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Of Transcendental Beauty and Crawling Horror (Fact, 1964)
Four or five years ago I tried marijuana for the first time. I experienced a heightened visual awareness and a sort of nongenital sexuality. Every color I looked at was several degrees brighter than its usual luster, and my entire body had a delightful tingle, as if it were one undifferentiated erogenous zone.

The Prisoner’s Dilemma (New Libertarian, 1978)
A sports car races down a highway. The driver’s face is grim and determined. He parks before a government building, strides angrily down a long hall, slams something onto a desk. Thunder crashes ominously as he paces back and forth, obviously making a denunciatory speech to an unseen official. A computer-operated system moves his photo into a file marked “Resigned.”

The Starseed Signals (Gnostica, 1975)
In which the author states his belief that the Dog Star has been beaming messages to earthly shamans, occultists and psyche­delic researchers for millenia. Surely, he can’t be serious …

Werewolf Bridge (The East Village Other, 1967)
Lawrence Talbot came down the stairs into the laboratory. “My name is Harry Haller. The name of the game is Kadath.” Buzz-saws, boxes of dynamite, whips, Ku Klux hoods and electronic machinery. Talbot tried to make out the figure in the shadows of the room. “An experiment in Authority and Submission,” the buzzing voice whispering.

The Permanent Universal Rent Strike (Other Scenes, 1971)
“Rent,” wrote Benjamin R. Tucker succinctly, “is the tribute paid by the non-owning user of land to the non-using owner of land.” Rent is a claim against you, asserting (implicitly) that you are extra-terrestrial or alien. It is a demand that you pay the real natives of Earth, the “owners,” a certain tribute for residing on “their” planet. Science-fiction writers have never dreamed up anything weirder.

2001 – The Secret Doctrine Revealed (The Chicago Seed, 1968)
It is all laughing on the gallows of absolute reality. Consider the dual unities: yab-yum, wig-wack, weck-wack, a noble shit and an everyday miracle. The True The Good and The Beautiful would be perfect naming for the Platonic Ideal of a rock-and-roll group. Anything would be a good name for a rock group, Yab-yum is Tibetan. Male and female, light and dark, creation and destruction.

Letters to Leary
To Leary in Prison – Dear Dr. Leary (May Day 1974), To Leary in Prison – Dear Mr. Brown, Jimmy Carter may be one of us (Letter to Joanna), I definitely believe in Higher Intelligences, Thanks for the GLORIOUS introduction!!! (July 6, 1977), Circuits and the Cabalistic Sephira, The ‘Dogs of War’ plot (1978), Off to Ireland (June 10, 1982)

Modern Attitudes toward Sex (The Encyclopedia of Sexual Behavior, 1961)
Sexual attitudes, like other attitudes, generally derive from unspoken and often unconscious premises. Creative thought, which is always articulate and precise, results from frustration: a man sees that a problem must be solved and he creates new thoughts in solving it. But the overwhelming preponderance of human „thought“ is not of this purposive, articulate, and creative kind.

An Interview with Robert Anton Wilson (City Miner, 1977)
When I was growing up in the ’50’s people used to jest, „STOP the world, I want to get off!“ Now, twenty years later, individuals like Steward Brand, Jerry Brown, Tim Leary, and Robert Anton Wilson have joined the chorus only in earnest.