Letter to Green Egg
Ostara 1975

Dear Green Eggers:

Don’t buy the lie: you don’t have to die!

Tony Kelly’s “Names of the Gods” (GE 68) was fantastic, mind-blowing, cosmic!!! I’ve spent years puzzling over these etymologies and now it all falls into place and makes sense.

John McClimans asks a good one when he asks “Could we perhaps be the nervous system of Mother rather than Her brain?” We humans seem to be chiefly the tool-making circuit in Her brain (and the philosophical-speculative circuit connected with tool-making). Terra II, the star ship projected by Wayne Benner and Dr. Tim Leary, will consist 90% of “nature preserve” and only 10% of propulsion system and human dwellings, because the entire ecosphere is needed on this kind of journey. Probably the trees will be able to negotiate for us on most of the places we visit; the kind of intelligence represented by delphine, cetaceous or primate brains (including the hominid) is only the kind of intelligence needed in dexterity-engineering; it’s emphatically not the only kind of intelligence (and anybody talking about “higher” or “lower” is still back in the Dark Ages.)

The theory of cosmic panspermia (Arrhenius, Sir Francis Crick, Dr. Leary) holds that DNA is seeded about the galaxy by advanced intellects. As in the Christian parable of the sower, some seed survives and some doesn’t. The starseed on this planet is at a crucial stage in this decade, in which it will be decided if the old brain (re-flex and robot behavior) is or isn’t stronger than the new brain (objective reason and yogic-Sufic circuits). In the former case, we will perish of our own angers and territorial-quarreling behavior that made sense 50 million years ago. In the later case, we can evolve into the Star School of the cosmic-immortal races. Such a crucial decade is reached on every planet in the galaxy, sooner or later, unless the seed perishes even earlier, before reaching that stage. (While this theory may not be true, it is plausible and supported by tons of evidence; and, incidentally, gives us a cosmic ethical perspective on every single act of our lives, which are all moving us toward survival or destruction…)

As Doc Leary wrote in Contemporary History last year, post-Acid philosophy “will be scientific in essense and science-fiction in style…It will seek revelation not in formal rituals addressed to an anthropomorphic deity, but within natural processes, the nervous system, the genetic code, and, without, in attempts to effect extra-planetary communication.” The genetic code, the DNA/RNA conversation which underlies our consciousness and that of the ecosphere, and the nervous system which shapes consciousness, are the “books” in which the galactic intelligence has written its “revelation” if the theory of cosmic panspermia is true…

In that case, we are indeed an egg, as McClimans writes; earthlife in the past 4 billion years is the embryonic stage of the DNA grogram. We will be born when the placental Van Allen Belt collapses and we are expelled outward from this planetary womb into the galaxy. Terra II is being projected for launching circa 1990 and hopes to have a crew of 5000 post-robot consciousnesses in the human contingent and representatives of Mother DNA’s other children swarming throughout the ship to “speak” for us in galactic centers where hominid IQ is scanned as “instinctive” or “random” or “background noise” or simply not scanned at all. (The crew in Clarke’s Rendezvous with Rama would have done better if they had non-chauvinistically brought along some non-human intelligences.)

I have scrutinized The Honorable N.J. Templin’s letter in which he informs me that Einstein was an “alien mountbank.” I presume this is in answer to my suggestion that, instead of issuing empty brags about the mental superiority of Nordics, Mr. Templin should actually arrange some IQ tests under scientific conditions, to determine if Nordics are apt to score higher than others. Mr. Templin evidently would rather argue than conduct the experiments that would settle the matter. Very well, then, on the verbal and logical level, which includes mathematics: would Templin list the equations in either the general or the special theory of relativity which are mountbankery and explain to us the correct Nordic equations that revise Einstein’s follies? I wait with baited breath…

Immortality, Starflight, Neurologic, and hope,
    Robert Anton Wilson
    Starseed II
    2035 Channing Way
    Berkeley, CA 94704


Letter to the Forum/editor
Green Egg, Vol. VIII, No. 69, Ostara AA15 (Mar. 21, 1975)