Playboy’s Book of Forbidden Words (1972)
Sex and Drugs: A Journey Beyond Limits (1973)
The Sex Magicians (1973)
The Book of the Breast (1974)
The Illuminatus! Trilogy with Robert Shea (1975)
    The Eye in the Pyramid
    The Golden Apple
Cosmic Trigger: The Final Secret of the Illuminati (1977)
Neuropolitics with Timothy Leary (1978)
The Illuminati Papers (1980)
The Schrödinger’s Cat Trilogy
    The Universe Next Door (1979)
    The Trick Top Hat (1981)
    The Homing Pigeon (1981)
Masks of the Illuminati (1981)
Right Where You Are Sitting Now (1983)
The Earth Will Shake (1983)
Prometheus Rising (1983)
The Widow’s Son (1985)
The New Inquisition (1986)
Wilhelm Reich in Hell (1987)
Natural Law (1987)
Coincidance (1988)
Neuropolitique with Timothy Leary (1988, Neuropolitics revised)
Ishtar Rising (1989, The Book of the Breast revised)
Quantum Psychology (1990)
Cosmic Trigger II (1991)
Nature’s God (1991)
Reality Is What You Can Get Away With (1992)
Chaos and Beyond: The Best of Trajectories (1994)
Cosmic Trigger III (1995)
The Walls Came Tumbling Down (1997)
Everything Is Under Control (1998)
TSOG: The Thing That Ate the Constitution (2002)
Email to the Universe (2005)
Beyond Chaos and Beyond (edited by D. Scott Apel, 2018)
The Starseed Signals: A RAW Perspective on Timothy Leary (2020)

Book contributions & interviews

The Alchemy of Opposites by Rodolfo Scarfalloto, Introduction
Anarchic Harmony by William J. Murray, Introduction
Angel Tech by Antero Alli, Preface
Astrology, Aleister & Aeon by Charles Kipp, Foreword
The best of fact: edited by Ralph Ginzburg, Essay
The Best of the Realist edited by Paul Krassner, Essays
Book of Dreams by John Thompson, Introduction
Brainchild by David Jay Brown, Introduction
Creating Your Giant Self by Robert Rose, Ph. D., Introduction
Dark Destiny: Proprietors of Fate edited by Edward E. Kramer, Introduction
Design for Dying by Timothy Leary, short passage
Diogenes’ Lamp by Adam Weishaupt, Introduction
Disco 2000 edited by Sara Champion, Short story
Disinformation: The Interviews by Richard Metzger, Interview
The Dream Illuminati: The Vimana Conspiracy by Wayne Saalman, Introduction
Dream Makers Volume II by Charles Platt, Interview
The Eye in the Triangle by Israel Regardie, Introduction
Free Space edited by Edward E. Kramer, Poem
The Fringes of Reason edited by Ted Schultz, Essay
The Game of Life by Timothy Leary, some texts
The Gemstone File by Jim Keith, Essay
General Idea of Revolution in the Nineteenth Century by Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, Introduction
Green Egg Omlette by Oberon Zell-Ravenheart, Essays
The High Times Reader, Essay
The Illuminati Conspiracy by Donald Holmes, Introduction
The Illuminati of Immortality by Wayne Saalman, Introduction
The Illuminoids by Neal Wilgus, Introduction
Irish Spirit edited by Patricia Monaghan, Essay
The Lazy Man’s Guide to Death and Dying by E. J. Gold, Introduction
Loompanics’ Greatest Hits, Essays
Monsters & Magical Sticks or There’s No Such Thing as Hypnosis by Steven Heller, Ph.D. & Terry Sheele, Introduction
Notes from the pop underground edited by Peter Belsito, Interview
Timothy Leary: Outside Looking In (memorial volume), Essay
Philip K. Dick: The Dream Connection by D. Scott Apel, Afterwards
Popular Alienation: A Steamshovel Press Reader edited by Kenn Thomas, Interview & Essay
Portable Darkness: an Aleister Crowley Reader edited by Scott Michaelson, Foreword
Pot Stories for the Soul edited by Paul Krassner, Essay
The Prankster and the Conspiracy by Adam Gorightly, Foreword
Principia Discordia, Introduction (4th edition)
The Psychology of Synergy by Dr. Madeleine Singer, Introduction
RE/Search: Beyond Conspiracy Theory, Interview
Rebels & Devils by Christopher S. Hyatt, Essay
Science Fiction: An Oral History edited by D. Scott Apel, Interview
Secrets of Western Tantra by Christopher S. Hyatt, Preface
Semiotext(e) SF by edited by Rudy Rucker, Peter Lamborn Wilson & Robert Anton Wilson, Preface and short story
Semiotext(e) USA edited by Jim Fleming, Essay
Seven By Seven edited by Neal Wilgus, Interview
Sex and Rockets by John Carter, Introduction
Taboo: Sex, Religion & Magick by Christopher S. Hyatt, Introduction
Think for Yourself! by Sharon Presley, Preface
Towards an Archeology of the Soul by Antero Alli, Afterword
To Lie Is Human by Christopher S. Hyatt, Introduction
The Three-Fisted Tales of “Bob” edited by Ivan Stang, Short story
True Mutations by R. U. Sirius, Interview
Undoing Yourself with Energized Meditation by Christopher S. Hyatt, Preface
Visions in the Stone by E.J. Gold, Introduction
Wake Up Down There! edited by Greg Bishop, Essay
When the Music’s Over edited by Lewis Shiner, Short story
Worlds Beyond: The Everlasting Frontier edited by Larry Geis
Zen In The Art Of Close Encounters edited by David Pursglove, Interview
Zen Without Zen Masters by Camden Benares, Commentary

Magazines, Journals, Periodicals

Robert Anton Wilson’s Trajectories Newsletter
The Journal of Futurism and Heresy

Issue 01 (Summer 1988)
Issue 02 (Autum 1988)
Issue 03 (Winter 1988)
Issue 04 (Spring 1989)
Back to the Future! Special Futurism Issue (1989)
Issue 05 (Summer 1989)
Issue 06 (Winter 1990)
Issue 07 (Spring 1990)
Issue 08 (Autum 1990)
Issue 09 (Spring 1991)
Issue 10 (Autum 1991)
Issue 11 Audio issue, An Hour with Robert Anton Wilson (1992)
Issue 12 (Spring 1993)
Issue 13 Audio issue, Another Hour with Robert Anton Wilson (Winter 1993/1994)
Issue 14 (Spring 1995)
Issue 15 Audio issue, A Tour of NeuroSpace (1995)
Issue 16/17 (Autum 1996)
Issue 18 Audio issue, A Summary of My Philosophy (1997)
Issue 19 Video issue, Everything Is Under Control: Robert Anton Wilson in Interview, part one
Issue 20 Video issue, Everything Is Under Control: Robert Anton Wilson in Interview, part two

The Newsletter of the Study of the Human Future

1979 Spring, Cosmic Immortals?
1981 Fall, Faster than light …
1982 March, Immortality through silicon

Against the Wall – A Libertarian Publication
Vol. 04, No. 01, On the philosophy of Timothy Leary (1971)
Vol. 05, No. 10, Interview (1972)

Berkeley Barb
Issue 495, Hefner vs. The Narcs (1975)
Issue 500, The Periodic Table of Energy (with Leary, 1975)
Issue 509, Awaiting the News from Galactic Central (1975)
Issue 520, Politics of Psi 1 (1975)
Issue 521, Politics of Psi 2 (1975)
Issue 522, Politics of Psi 3 (1975)
Issue 525, Politics of Psi 4 (1975)
Issue 541, Author Argues Sci-Fi „Typos“ (1976)
Issue 551, Eyes in the Sky (1976)
Issue 559, The Banality of Horror (1976)
Issue 565, Leary trades Drugs for Space Colonies (1976)
Issue 566, Alligator Hunting, Bomb Threats And A TV Freak-Out (1976)
Issue 569, Scientists Confess Strange Encounters (1976)
Issue 576, Novels Are A Mutating Species (1976)
Issue 582, Brown Leads Us Back To The Dark Ages (1976)
Issue 583, In Memorian: Luna Wilson (1976)
Issue 585, Truth Comes On Swift Wings (1976)
Issue 587, Stirring Up Fear In The Name Of Christ (review, 1976)
Issue 595, Cosmic Amoebas Or Space Brothers? (review, 1977)
Issue 564, Doom-Sayers, Yea-Sayers Converge (1976)
Issue 574, Growing Your Own Psilocybin (1976)
Issue 606, Junky Is Back-Pure And Uncut (review, 1977)
Issue 666, Coincidence Or Cosmic Conspiracy? (1978)

Boing Boing
Issue 1, Interview (1989)
Issue 5, Letter (1991)
Issue 6, The new Inquisition: Interview by Antero Alli (the Mezlim interview) (1991)
Issue 7, Men Against Defamation (1992)

City miner
Issue 07, Vol. 02, No. 04, Interview (1977/1978)
Issue 09, Vol. 03, No. 02, Morality Mania (1978)
Issue 10, Vol. 03, No. 03, Raymond Chandler (1978, also in The Illuminati Papers)
Issue 11, Vol. 03, No. 04, The End of the Work Ethic (1978)
Issue 12, Vol. 04, No. 01, Queerer than you think (1979, excerpts from Schrodinger’s Cat)

Critique. A Journal of Conspiracies
Issue 03, Ecology and Conspiracy (1981, reprinted in Right Where You Are Sitting Now)
Issue 23/24, Some Circuits of Evolution (1986/1987)
Issue 26, Mind Machines (1988)
Issue 27, Art as Black Magick and Moral Subversion, Left and Right: A Non-Euclidean Perspective (1988)
Issue 28, The Semantics of „Good“ & „Evil“ (1988)
Issue 29, Technological Masturbation
Issue 30, The Science of Blessing and Cursing
Issue 32, Adventures in the HEAD Revolution & Interview by David Jay Brown

The East Village Other
Vol. 01, No. 21, The Orgasm-Death Gimmick (1966)
Vol. 01, No. 23, The Burning Gorilla (1966)
Vol. 02, No. 09, America Phantasmagora (1967)
Vol. 02, No. 11, Werewolf Bridge (1967)

The Excluded Middle. An Esoteric Journal for the Masses
Issue 1, Interview (1992, reprinted in Zen In The Art Of Close Encounters)
Issue 3, False Memory Syndrome (1993, reprinted in Wake Up Down There!)

fact: Magazine
Issue 01 Vol. 01, No. 01, Of Transcendental Beauty and Crawling Horror (1964) by “Ronald Weston”
Issue 02 Vol. 01, No. 02, The most hated woman in America (1964)
Issue 03 Vol. 01, No. 03, The Rebirth of the Ku Klux Klan (1964)
Issue 04 Vol. 01, No. 04, The National Enquirer: All the news that’s unfit to print (1964)
Issue 06 Vol. 01, No. 06, The Fastest Growing Religion in the World (1964)
Issue 07 Vol. 02, No. 01, The Passion of Madalyn Murray (1965)
Issue 08 Vol. 02, No. 02, The Messiah of Madison Avenue (1965)
Issue 09 Vol. 02, No. 04, The Religion of Kerista and Its 69 Positions (1965)
Issue 10 Vol. 02, No. 06, Don’t Go Away, Mad (1965)
Issue 11 Vol. 02, No. 06, William Burroughs: High Priest of Hipsterism by “Ronald Weston”

Future Life
Issue 06, Next Stop, Immortality (1978)
Issue 12, Cryonics and Future Perspectives (1979, reprinted in Worlds Beyond: The Everlasting Frontier)
Issue 17, Future Forum: Can science fiction help big business plan the future? (1980)
Issue 21, Human Intelligence Increase (1980)
Issue 26, Doomsday May Be Cancelled (book review of Critical Path) (1981)
Issue 29, Interview (1981)

Vol. 01, No. 01, Divorce American Style by “Simon Moon” (1972)
Vol. 01, No. 01, I Opening (fiction, 1972)
Vol. 01, No. 05, Deadly Nightshade (fiction, 1973, reprinted in Right Where You Are Sitting Now)
Vol. 02, No. 01, The Witches Are Coming (1973)

Gnostica / Gnostica News
Issue 10, Vol. 02, No. 05, John Dunne and Sex Magick
Issue 14, Vol. 03, No. 02, Do What Thou Wilt (Sept. 1973)
Issue 19, Vol. 03, No. 07, The Strange Case of Dr. Timothy Leary (Book review: Neurologic) (June 1974)
Issue 23, Vol. 03, No. 11, Angels and Extra Terrestrials (June 1974)
Issue 24, Vol. 03, No. 12, All Hail the goddess Eris! column essay (July 1974)
Issue 25, Vol. 04, No. 01, The Science of Idiocy (All Hail the goddess Eris column) (Sept. 1974)
Issue 27, Vol. 04, No. 03, How to be a Bishop (All Hail the goddess Eris column) (Nov. 1974)
Issue 28, Vol. 04, No. 04, Letter (Dec. 1974)
Issue 29, Vol. 04, No. 05, Scientific and Experimental Magic (Jan. 1975)
Issue 33, Vol. 04, No. 09, The Starseed Signals (July 1975)
Issue 35, Vol. 04, No. 11, All Hail the goddess Eris! column essay (1975)
Issue 37, Vol. 05, No. 01, Letter to the editor & Book review of Sexual Occultism (1975)
Issue 38, Vol. 05, No. 02, Book review of Simulations of God: The Science of Belief (1976)
Issue 39, Vol. 05, No. 03, Book review of The Invisible College (1976)
Issue 40, Vol. 05, No. 04, Book review of The Law is for All (1976)
Issue 41, Vol. 05, No. 05, Don’t Be Afraid of Black Magic (1977)
Issue 42, Vol. 05, No. 06, New Age Astrology with Timothy Leary (1977)
Issue 43, Vol. 05, No. 07, The Cosmic Trigger (1977)

Issue 06, The Priory of Sion (1987)
Issue 08, Sexual Alchemy (Summer 1998)
Issue 10, Synchronicity, Isomorphism & the Implicate Order (1988)
Issue 12, Book review: The Illuminati Connection by Professor Illuminatus
Issue 50, Doubt! [interview] (1999)

Green Egg
Issue 062, Anarchism and Crime (1974)
Issue 063, The Origins of Magick (1974, reprinted in Green Egg Omlette)
Issue 068, Why is Dr. Timothy Leary in Prison? (1974)
Issue 068, Starseed Rises Like the Phoenix from Its Ashes (1975)
Issue 070, Trip to heaven with Timothy Leary (1975, reprinted in Green Egg Omlette)
Issue 072, Neurologic, Immortality & All That (1975)
Issue 077, Racism, Sexism, and Evolution (1976)
Issue 107, Horseman, Pass By (1994)

High Times
Issue 056, Interview by Michael Hollingshead (1980)
Issue 069, R. Buckminster Fuller Interview by Robert Anton Wilson (1981)
Issue 071, Cabala: the Forbidden Fruit of the Tree of Life (1981)
Issue 076, Colloquium ’81: Paul Krassner, Tim Leary, Andrew Weil, Robert Anton Wilson (1981)
Issue 195, Interview by Philip H. Farber (1991)
Issue 297, Robert Anton Wilson at the Cannabis Cup (2000, reprinted in TSOG)
Issue 331, Interview by Paul Krassner (2003)

Magical Blend
Issue 02, Facing the Future Fearlessly
Issue 12, Interview: Very R.A.W. and an Essay: How To Tell Your Friends From The Apes
Issue 15, On James Joyce’s Ulysses
Issue 16, On Finnegan’s Wake
Issue 18, The Return of Philip K. Dick
Issue 19, Dreams of Flying
Issue 20, The Land Where Bulls Are Pregnant
Issue 21, The Goddess Marilyn Monroe „The Golden Graveyard“
Issue 22, The Case For Drug Legalization
Issue 23, Adventures in Head Hardware
Issue 24, The Imaginary Mongoose
Issue 25, Have You Ever Danced with the Devil in the Pale Moonlight
Issue 26, The Year of Fractal Chaos
Issue 27, A Sword is Drawn
Issue 28, Cyberspace and Techno-Zen
Issue 29, Yellow Roses for Joanne
Issue 30, Testosterone Poisoning in the White House
Issue 31, Cosmic Trigger II
Issue 32, The 60’s: A Flashback
Issue 33, Androphobia (also in The Backlash! and reprinted in Email to the Universe)
Issue 35, Magic & Marijuana in a Touch of Evil
Issue 36, Androphobia II
Issue 37, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds (reprinted in CT3?)
Issue 46, How to Live Eleven Days in 24 Hours
Issue 48, Playing Kickball With Chaos (Interview)

Mondo 2000
Issue 01, Strange Loops: Cyber Evolution Montage (extended version of Drugs & Money, 1989)
Issue 02, A Modest Proposal (1990)
Issue 03, The War on Drugs and FIJA (1990)

New Age Journal
1984/01, The Unpredictable Novelist’s Mystical Leanings are Tempered by Down-To-Earth Skepticism (Interview with Doris Lessing)
1984/02, The Scientist as Heretic (Interview with Rupert Sheldrake)
1984/08, The Enhancement of P. L. Travers (Interview with P. L. Travers)

New Libertarian
Issue 081, Interview by Jane Talisman & Eric Geislinger (1976)
Issue 088, Luna Wilson Obituary (1976)
Issue 093, Truth Comes on Swift Wings (1976)
Issue 098, Escape Velocity (1977)
Issue 103, Eight Kinds of Libertarians (1977)
Issue 108, The Noble Eight-Fold Path (1977)
Issue 112, That Old Black Magick (1977)
Issue 118, Letter to Editor (1977)
Issue 123, I, Robot (1977)
Issue 126, The King is Dead! Long Live the King! review of King Kong (1977)
Issue 130, Abortion & Logic (1977)
Issue 131, From Inner Space to Outer Space (1977)
Issue 135, No More Secrets (1977)
Issue 138, Letter to the Editor (1977)
Issue 142, The Compleat Skeptic (1977)
Issue 143, Skepticism and Solipsism (1977)
Issue 145, Neurological Relativism (1978)
Issue 147, Anita Bryant and the Gays (1978)
Issue 148, The Prisoner’s Dilemma (1978)
Issue 155, Schrödinger’s Cat (1980)
Issue 157, Miscellaneous Heresies (1980)
Issue 158, Miscellaneous Heresies II (1981)
Issue 159, Another Column of Miscellaneous Heresies (1981)
Issue 164, A New Writer: F.W. Nietzsche (1984)
Issue 166, Why UFOs Fascinate Us (1985)
Issue 170, Natural Law, or Don’t Wear a Rubber on Your Willy (1985)
Issue 174, Letters from Ireland, Epistle One (1986)
Issue 179, Letters from Ireland, Epistle Two (1987)
Issue 180, Letters from Ireland, Epistle Three (1987)
Issue 182, Letters from Ireland, Epistle Four (1988)
Issue 183, Letters from Ireland, Epistle Five (1988)
Issue 184, Letters from Ireland, Epistle Six (1988)
Issue 185, Letters from Ireland, Epistle Seven (1989)
Issue 186, Letters from Ireland, Epistle Eight (1989)
Issue 187, Dirty Socks and Denture Breath (1990)

Issue 43, Sex and The Occult Part 1
Issue 44, Sex and The Occult Part 2: Awakening The Sexual Serpent! (March 1974)
Issue 45, Sex and The Occult Part 3
Issue 46, Sex and The Occult Part 4: Charlie Manson and the Exorcist (March 1974)

No Governor
a journal of anarchist ideas

Issue 1, Free Love, Sexism, and All That (Spring 1975)
Issue 2, Anarchism and Magick in the Light of Interstellar Neurogenetics (Fall 1975)
Issue 4, A Few Blunt Statements about Neuro-Economics (Spring 1979)

Vol. 01, No. 01, The Arts: Books/Film/TV (book reviews, Oct 1978)
Vol. 01, No. 02, The Arts: Books (book reviews, Nov 1978)
Vol. 01, No. 03, The Arts: Books (book reviews, Dec 1978)
Vol. 01, No. 06, The Arts: Books (book review of The Third Mind by William Burroughs, Mar 1979)
Vol. 01, No. 09, The Arts: Books (book reviews, June 1979)
Vol. 02, No. 03, UFO Update: Alternatives (Dec 1979)

OUI. For the Man of the World
Vol. 04, No. 01, In Search of the Apocalyptic Orgasm: Do Various Pills Make for Sexual Thrills? (1975)
Vol. 04, No. 05, The Conspiracy Directory with Terry Catchpole (1975)
Vol. 04, No. 11, The Future of Sex (1975)
Vol. 05, No. 06, Brainwashing: How to Fold, Spindle and Mutilate the Human Mind in Five Easy Steps (1976)
Vol. 06, No. 01, Atlantis (1977)
Vol. 06, No. 05, Ten Good Reasons to Get Out of Bed (1977, reprinted in The Illuminati Papers)
Vol. 08, No. 03, The Science of the Impossible (1979)

The Realist
Issue 006, Man Becomes What He Hates (1959)
Issue 008, The Semantics of ‘God’ (1959)
Issue 009, “Splitting Bad Hairs” and “Wilson Replies” (letters on “The Semantics of ‘God’”) (1959)
Issue 010, Negative Thinking: DETERGENT DEMOCRACY (1959)
Issue 011, Negative Thinking: A COLUMN OF MISCELLANEOUS HERESIES (1959)
Issue 012, Negative Thinking: Sex Education for the Modern Liberal Adult (1959, reprinted in The Best of The Realist )
Issue 013, Negative Thinking: Notes on a Skeptical Mystic (1959)
Issue 014, To the White Citizen’s Councils (1959/1960)
Issue 014, Negative Thinking: The Morality of Head-Hunting (1959/1960)
Issue 015, Negative Thinking (1960)
Issue 016, NEGATIVE THINKING: The Doctor with the Frightened Eyes (1960, reprinted in Coincidance)
Issue 017, Negative Thinking: Letter to a Lady in Iowa (1960)
Issue 016/017, An Impolite Interview with Albert Ellis questions by Krassner and Wilson (1960)
Issue 018, NEGATIVE THINKING: The Semantics of the ‘Soul,’ Part One (1960)
Issue 019, Negative thinking: Ezra Pound at Seventy-Five (1960)
Issue 020, Negative thinking: The Semantics of ‘Soul’, Part Two (1960)
Issue 022, Negative thinking: The New Art of the Brave (1960)
Issue 027, Negative thinking: Is Capitalism a Revealed Religion? (1961)
Issue 029, Negative thinking: What I Didn’t Learn at College (1961)
Issue 030, Negative thinking: Letter to a Man in Washington (1961)
Issue 041, Negative thinking: On Hugh Hefner (1963)
Issue 052, Timothy Leary and his Psychological H-Bomb (1964)
Issue 062, The Anatomy of Schlock by A Nonymous Hack (1965, reprinted in The Best of The Realist)
Issue 065, The Fatal Snowball Fight on Cumberland Avenue (1966, reprinted in The Illuminati Papers)
Issue 067, Three Authors in Search of Sadism or Thirteen Choruses for the Divine Marquis (1966, reprinted in Coincidance)
Issue 072, The Cybernetic Revolution (1966)
Issue 091, The Great Beast – Aleister Crowley, Part One (1972)
Issue 092, The Great Beast – Aleister Crowley, Part Two (1972)
Issue 100, Married: Connubial Bliss Blues (1986)
Issue 108, Why I Voted For Michael Dukakis (1989)
Issue 111, The Future is Coming! (1990, reprinted in part in Cosmic Trigger 2)
Issue 114, Is Alan Cranston Full of Shit? (1990)
Issue 117, The First International Orgasm Conference (1991)
Issue 120, Out of the Innsmouth Triangle (1992)
Issue 124, The Persistence of False Memory (1993, reprinted in Wake Up Down There!)
Issue 133, Tim Leary is Tripping Again (1996)
Issue 140, Excerpts from Everything Is Under Control (1998)

Issue 100, Mary Poppins Gives Head (an excerpt from The Sex Magicians)
Issue 131, Sex & the Occult

Issue 37, Vol. 02, No.10, Review of Terra II by Timothy Leary (1974)
Issue 40, Vol. 02, No. 13, Sex and drugs – A journey beyond limits (1974)
Issue 43, Vol. 02, No. 16, Sex and drugs – A journey beyond limits: Marijuana and The Mystics (1974)
Issue 44, Vol. 02, No. 17, How to Live Forever: A Vist with Dr. Timothy Leary (1974)
Issue 47, Vol. 02, No. 20, Immortal Revolution Wins the Bay Area (1974)

Science Digest
1981 Nov, Bucky Fuller: Synergetic Savior (reprinted in Right Where You Are Sitting Now)
1982 Jan, Mere Coincidance – can science explain the physics of our fate? (reprinted in Coincidance)

Science Fiction Review
Issue 17, Interview by Neal Wilgus (1976, partly reprinted in The Illuminati Papers)
Issue 18, Eyes in the Sky – A book review of Vallee’s The Invisible College (1976)
Issue 19, A Melange-a-Trois or More – A book review of Timothy Leary’s What Does WoMan Want? (1976)
Issue 23, Science Faction Shelf – A book review of Timothy Leary’s Exo-Psychology (1977)
Issue 29, Letter (1979)
Issue 31, Letter (1979)
Issue 37, Interview by Neal Wilgus (1980, reprinted in Seven By Seven, 1996)

Second Look
Issue 02 Vol. 01, No. 02, Has Contact Already Been Made? (December 1978)
Issue 11 Vol. 01, No. 11, The Unconcsious Conspiracy (September 1979)

The Seed
Vol. 02, No. 11 2001: The Secret Doctrine Revealed (review, 1968)
Vol. 03, No. 10, Permanent Universal Rent Strike (1969)
Vol. 09, No. 02, Letter from Kevin O’Flaherty (1972)
Vol. 09, No. 07, Serpent Power (1973)
Vol. 09, No. 08, Serpent Power, part 2 (1973)

Steamshovel Press
Issue 05, A Modest Enquiry (1992)
Issue 07, Interview (1993)
Issue 12, Interview (1995)

Issue 41, Searching for Cosmic Intelligence Interview (1981, reprinted in Literary Voices by Jeffrey M. Elliot )
Issue 42, Making it as a writer (1981)

Issue 1 Money and Drugs: Drugs and Money (1991)
Issue 2 Technological Masturbation (1993)

Vol.18, No.02, Reaping the Whirlwind (February 1962)
Vol.18, No.03, Proposed School of Living Community (with Arlen) (March 1962)
Vol.18, No.05, New Executive Secretary Reports & Book review: This Difficult Individual, Ezra Pound (May 1962)
Vol.18, No.06, Reverence for Life & Book review: The Function of the Orgasm (June 1962)
Vol.18, No.07, Files on Parade (July-August 1962)
Vol.18, No.08, Files on Parade & Book review: Proudhon’s General Idea of the Revolution (September 1962)
Vol.18, No.09, Files on Parade & Thirteen Ways of Looking at Poetry & On Being Against Government Per Se (October 1962)
Vol.18, No.10, Files on Parade & A Note on Josiah Warren & Book review: Trial by Jury (November 1962)
Vol.18, No.11, Files on Parade & How to Think About War and Peace & Song of the Well-Adjusted (poem) (December 1962)
Vol.19, No.01, Revolting Conditions (January 1963)
Vol.19, No.02, An Open Letter to Norman Mailer (February 1963)
Vol.19, No.03, Book review: The Misfits & Book review: The Dharma Bums & Bob Wilson’s Reply to a Young Reader (March 1963)
Vol.19, No.04, Better Dead? (April 1963)
Vol.19, No.05, Attack Usury at Its Source (with Bill Treichler) (May 1963)

Wings – The New Age Satire Magazine
Better Wings and Gardens Interview by E.J. Gold (1979)
Wings Natural Lampoon, Excerpts from Schrodingers Cat (1979)

Agape: An Occult Review Vol. 01, No. 03 (First Quarter 1973)
Aeon II, Barvarian Illuminati: Magick Letter (reprinted in Illuminati Papers, 1985)
The Advocate Issue 234, Interview (1978)
Ben is dead Issue 24, The Death Interviews: A Talk with Robert Anton Wilson and Timothy Leary (1994)
Bill of Rights Journal Vol. XXIII (1990)
BRAVEAR Issue 3 (Winter 1986)
Cavalier, Issue 154, Sex and the Mind-Expanding Drugs (April 1966)
CONFRONTATION Vol. V, No. 23, Features interviews with Robert Anton Wilson and Robert Shea (1975)
Conspiracy Digest Vol. 02, No. 02, Interview (Spring 1977, reprinted in The Illuminati Papers)
Crypt of Cthulhu Issue 11 Vol. 02, No. 03, Letter (1983)
Crypt of Cthulhu Issue 12 Vol. 02, No. 04, My Debt to H. P. Lovecraft (1983)
DELUXE Issue 1 An interview with Illuminati Trilogy authors Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson (Autumn 1977)
End Times Bulletin Issue 02, Millenialism and Futurism
FringeWare Review Issue 8 Interview (May 1995)
High Frontiers Issue 2, Interview (1985)
International Times Issue 180, Robert Shea & Robert Anton Wilson interviewed re. Illuminatus! (1977)
Iron Feather Journal Issue 17, Interview (1999)
Journal of Human Relations, Even a Man Who is Pure of Heart (First Quarter 1971)
The James Joyce Review Issue 03, Joyce and Tao (1959, reprinted in Email to the Universe)
The Match! Vol. 04, No. 05, Objections to Objectivism
Mattachine review Vol. 08, No. 08, SEXUAL FREEDOM: Why It Is Feared (1962)
Mezlim Issue 3 Vol. 01, No. 01, Interview by Antero Alli (1990)
New Age magazine Issue 02, Facing the Future Fearlessly (1980)
The Occult Digest Vol. 02, No. 6, The Great Beast – Crowley (1972)
Other Scenes Vol. 05, No. 01, Permanent Universal Rent Strike (Spring 1971)
PKD OTAKU Issue 11, Memories of Phil (1996)
Psychedelic Illuminations Issue 04, The Mafiazaton of America (1993)
RANT Issue 4, One page poem (1994)
Smoke Signals, Number 1, Robert Anton Wilson on Bucky Fuller’s new book (1981)
Smoke Signals, Numbers 2 & 3 (1981)
Sound Choice Issue 13, Brain Machines (Winter 1989)
The Sun Magazine Issue 137, Dreams without End: An Interview With Robert Anton Wilson (1987)
THE THRESHER. Issue 1, Why Hannibal Lecter Would Make a Better President Than George W. Bush (2001, reprinted in TSOG)
Weird Trips Issue 2, Interview (1978)
The Witches‘ Almanac Aries 1976 to Pisces 1977 (1976/1977)
X Factor Issue 65, Interview (1999)